Work With Us

We want to work with the best, most creative, most talented people out there. We want clients who are bursting with ideas, who can’t wait to experiment and try out new ways of doing things, who really care about the work they are doing and want the world to care too.
We want those clients because we get it, we understand. We’re those people too.
Lets create something amazing together.

What do we Shoot?


So much time has gone into this design, so many hours imagining this space just the way it is. We appreciate that effort and we will create images for you that are not just an accurate record, but which really capture the spirit of the design, from the most epic exterior, to the smallest interior detail that took you 6 months to source from Japan.
Our photographs are more than just a set of visual documents. We want the viewer to be standing there with us, admiring your project, already excited about your next collaboration together.


We love food here at Brick Moon (possibly too much, but who’s counting)!
The sights that make our eyes light up, the smells that whet the appetite and fill the mind. Food is life, and when we photograph food we work hard to make sure that the true beauty of your dishes shines through.
From styling that puts the viewer right there at the dinner table beside you, to the perfect lighting to set the mood for the perfect meal, we work closely with you to combine our creativity and energy to make stylish and evocative photographs to feed the soul.
Bon appetit!


Colourful, refreshing, and oh so inviting, whatever it might be you can’t beat that first great drink at the end of a long, hard week. It means relaxation, fun and friendship, freedom. Or how about a beautiful, peaceful coffee on a cold, crisp winter’s morning. Perfect.
At Brick Moon we understand that the photograph isn’t just about the product, but about mood and emotion, about laughs had and stories shared, about memories and future plans. With creative and soulful styling mixed with all the right know-how and technical skill, we create photographs that will have the viewer counting the hours until they can have that first sip.


Nothing’s better than a photograph for transporting us to a different world. And whether you want someone to feel the cool spray of the Atlantic on their face, or their pulse quicken as the sights and sounds of the busy city streets wash over them, we know how to create vibrant and exciting photography that brings any experience to life.
We believe that a photograph shouldn’t just show us somewhere nice we could go, but should open the door for us to go their ourselves, to make us feel what it’s really like to experience something, to be there with the excitement and emotion that makes life worth living.


You’ve spent a long time planning this event and along the way you’ve created an amazing team that understands every element of the brand and identity you’re creating. Room for a new team member?
At Brick Moon we care about your event as much as you do; your project is our project, your deadline is our deadline.
We know every event has its own unique character and we love to capture that through creative and un-obtrussive photography that gives a real feeling of the amazing event you brought to life.
Anyone who was there will want to go again, anyone who wasn’t definitely will be next time.


Here at Brick Moon we know the importance of good lighting, of using the right combination of equipment and technical skill to show off your product for the life-saving bundle of awesomeness it is!
But we also know the importance of the vision behind that product, and we want to hear about it. We love collaborating with people who are passionate about their project and we will be right there with you at every step to make sure your customers only need to take one look the the finished photos to wonder how they ever managed to exist without your product in their lives.